Just so – The Barn Theatre, Cirencester

The Stage – 4 stars

Musical Theatre Review – 4 stars

“Rosalind Ford and Imogen Halsey are hilariously in harmony as the fashion-challenged Zebra and Giraffe”

So Glos – 5 stars

“From the hilarious giraffe and zebra to the blunt and brilliant rhino, the cast effortlessly switched from character to character. With the cast doubling up as the musicians too, there was no denying the overwhelming amount of talent in the room. Dancing around the stage and still playing the cello faultlessly, hitting the highest notes and providing a treat for the eyes, the cast were by far the best part of the show.”


MESS – Original Actor-muso Musical

Edinburgh Fringe 2018

EdFringeReview – 4 stars

Imogen’s “angelic voice is characterised by such richness that hearing her sing is like watching a million magical ingredients fizz and infuse with each other in the belly of a cauldron.”

Southside Advertiser – 5 stars

“Outside of The Fringe, I review a lot of theatre and musical theatre throughout the year, and Mess is one of the little gems hidden away in this years Fringe. Mess deserves a far wider exposure and hopefully the chance to move onto a wider theatrical audience.”

Graham Mercer – Hungry Bitches Productions:

“Imy has worked with me as vocal coach, arranger, musician and performer since 2014 including a month’s run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Theatre Royal Stratford East. As a musician and performer, Imy slays any challenge put to her with precision, professionalism and vibrant energy, helping others to raise the bar of performance by leading through example. As vocal coach and arranger, Imy led the cast and band in warm ups offering a practical and holistic approach towards technique during performance, finding new ways of making the material and performance better every time. Imy arranges harmonies and vocals with ease, working by ear or by notation, in a way that makes it easier for everyone else whilst producing fantastic results. During our extended recording sessions at Parr Street Studios, Imy is an accomplished session musician in both vocals and cello, able to play anything back immediately by ear and deliver phenomenal recordings in one take. Above all, it is Imy’s insane talents partnered with her work ethic and good attitude which makes her so excellent at what she does. She will use any spare moment of time to run over material with other performers, using her initiative and natural leadership to continue improving the work. She is a true diamond to have on any team.”


Review of Much Ado About Hero at Theatre N16 – Lexi Clare Productions

“Cellist Imogen Halsey was the most involved, and was incredibly natural and humorous onstage, creating a superb balance between actor and musician, managing to segway between the roles with relative ease.”